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Newsletter 1-28-14

Hey Everyone,

Last Saturday was our first Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe’s, and in spite of some bad weather, it was an amazing success!

Big thanks to:
Everyone who came out to this unique event
Espresso Joe’s for letting us put on this show
Jon Caspi, Pete Jager, & Pat Veil for being the part of the first ever live Guitar Pull
And September’s Ghost for their stellar acoustic opening set.

I am excited to announce we will be back next month for another Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe’s!

Saturday February 28th
Featuring: Zak Smith, Son Of Dov, and Sean Marshall (Lightning Jar)
Plus opening act: O’Neill & Martin

The show begins at 7pm sharp, and will end by 10pm, so if you’re looking for an early night out, or a show before another show, this is the show for you. And those of you that have been waiting for to do an all ages show, this is it!

Plus, Espresso Joe’s has great food, coffee, tea, and other beverages of a refreshing (non-alcoholic) nature.


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~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

As I’ve said before, awards are bullshit (see Lazlo’s Corner from late last year for more on that topic). Therefore, I did not watch the Grammys...well in truth I did see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s performance (what the fuck was up with Paul’s regular drummer playing also, and all the cutaway shots of Yoko?!?!?).

Despite, not seeing it, I think everyone knows of the blasphemy of a show that bills itself as a night of music cutting away from the final performance of the evening, one of the few rock performances of the broadcast.

It got me thinking...what if we cut all this award bullshit out and just did a night of live music with 3+ hours of amazing collaborations between local one loses and both the audience and the performers win!

If you agree let me know. If there is enough interest, then I will work on trying to put something like this together.



This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Loners Society - king city sessions
Sean Faust - something real
Graveyard Club - sleepwalk
d.smith - good songs gone wrong, vol.1
The Aviators - what do you want from me
Fairmont - live & acoustic from the forest of chaos
The New Mendicants - into the lime
Premium Comfort Shoes - all my love
The Wild - dreams are maps
Elbow - the take off and landing of everything
Peggy Sue - choir of echoes
Jonah Tolchin - get to know: Jonah Tolchin
Alter The Ending - I will not go
The Noise FM - attraction

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That's all for this week folks.