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Newsletter 2-24-14

Hey Everyone,

This Friday (2/28) is the next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe’s! Featuring: Zak Smith, Son Of Dov, and Sean Marshall (Lightning Jar), Plus opening act: O’Neill & Martin

The show begins at 7pm sharp, and will end by 10pm, so if you’re looking for an early night out, or a show before another show, this is the show for you. And those of you that have been waiting for to do an all ages show, this is it!

Plus, Espresso Joe’s has great food, coffee, tea, and other beverages of a refreshing (non-alcoholic) nature. They also just celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Come out and support local live original music!


It is another Lazlo’s Den Presents New Music Week on Lazlo’s Den! Tune in every night this week to hear new music, kicking off tonight (Monday) with all new New Jersey music!

Check and follow @Lazlo_BUR on Twitter to see nightly updates on what new music we are playing this week.


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~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

This week I want to use this space to wish Espresso Joe’s a very happy 10th anniversary!

Now you can say I am making a big deal about this because I do monthly shows there, and there is certainly some truth to that, but here is the more important reason.

For ten years, Espresso Joe’s has not only survived in an area where a major national coffee corporation has knocked out most mom & pop coffeehouses (Case in point: check how many coffeehouses used to be in Red Bank before the major corporation moved in versus how many are there now), but Espresso Joe’s has thrived and built a community of music fans and musicians. There were so many people at Espresso Joe’s on Saturday night (their official anniversary show) that it was not only standing room only, but we were so packed in like sardines I nearly passed out.

Not only have they thrived and fostered the music scene, but they do it not to make money (never a door charge, never a pay to play situation), they do it because they love live original music too!

The local music scene would be a better place if there were more places like Espresso Joe’s. *

Happy Anniversary Espresso Joe’s! May there be many more.

* – I know there are a few other places like Espresso Joe’s, but we could always use more!



Tonight on Lazlo's Den Presents New New Jersey Music we have new music from:


Eastern Anchors - dragging your axe behind you
The Battery Electric - coffee haus studios
The Bad Parts - reel #1
Son Of Dov - demo
Loser Year - 12am
Morningside Lane - a fifth of elvis
Lifeguard Nights - bruetown
Fireside Chat - downstairs (Amanda)
Nicole Atkins - a nightmare before summer
Jim Mill - our lives in transit
d.smith - groping for luna, vol.2
The Breaks - she can be queen (demo)
Holy City Zoo - Grandview terrace

Full playlists with links to all the bands at Support Good Music!

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Concert Preview Show – Sunday thru Saturday @ 7pm ET

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That's all for this week folks.