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Newsletter 5-20-14

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to Ed Tang, Christian Beach, Keith Monacchio, the Porchistas, Espresso Joe’s, and everyone who made it out to the Guitar Pull last Saturday! It was one hell of a good show to end our first season at Espresso Joe’s.

The Guitar Pull will return to Espresso Joe’s in the fall.

But we have two very special summer shows coming to Espresso Joe’s Twilight Concert Series (outdoors overlooking the bay).

Saturday June 21st will be the first presents Collaborations!

From 6pm until 9pm you will be able to see rare pairings of musicians performing sets together!

The June 21st show will feature:
George Wirth & Peter Myers
Tommy Strazza & Deirdre Forrest
Steve Honoshowsky & Pat Veil
David Fagan & Pat Veil
David Fagan & Vic Fraternale
Fairmont & The Maravines

There will be a second show, with a completely different lineup, on Saturday July 19th.

Mark both dates on your calendar, because you may never these pairings again!

The show is all ages and FREE!

Espresso Joe’s has great food, coffee, tea, and other beverages of a refreshing (non-alcoholic) nature. They also recently celebrated their 10th anniversary!

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Lazlo’s Corner

This week a special guest column by Josh Bicknell, one third of double-breasted (, and an amazing singer-songwriter too ( You can download his music from here:


On Vinyl and Attention

I recently started listening to vinyl and I think I’ve discovered something interesting.

What I discovered isn’t about sound quality, music snobbery, or a compulsion to scavenge through record store bargain bins. I’ve experienced all of those things, but there’s something else….

And it has to do with attention.

Like many people, I spent the last decade or so collecting a ridiculous amount of music in mp3 format. I loved having access to a ton of music – tagged, cataloged, searchable, and available at my fingertips. Playlists allowed me to customize my listening experience in new ways and take that experience with me everywhere. There were many opportunities to interact and engage with my music collection.

Then, an interesting shift took place.

iTunes started creating playlists for me via Genius. Pandora started predicting the music I would like. Shuffle mode became popular. My listening experience became increasingly more random and less deliberate.

Sure, Shuffle is still a great way to re-discover lost gems in a music collection. Yet it’s a passive listening experience. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’ll throw it out there… I’m less engaged and less happy listening to music in Shuffle.

Think about it. How many times do you hit the Next button when you’re in Shuffle? I see this every day on the subway in NYC. I saw a girl skip through at least 12 songs before she landed on the one she wanted to hear. Isn’t that fairly common for today’s listener?

I spent a little more time thinking about this and it made me wonder… Even though we can listen to more music more often with more variety than ever before, are we actually less engaged?

Are we actually devoting less attention to the act of listening?

I recently started listening to vinyl at my apartment. What struck me most was not the sound quality… though I do notice I can play it louder without an overbearing high end. It’s a nice benefit, but isn’t the biggest benefit.

The biggest benefit is that I’m forced to pay attention to the experience of listening to music.

I need to take at least 30 seconds to look at my records physically in front of me and choose the record I want to hear. Take it out of the sleeve. Look at the artwork. Make a conscious decision to listen to it as a work of art. No shuffle. No happy accidents. It is a conscious choice to listen to a particular record.

I think these tiny actions actually make me a happier listener. They allow me to be fully engaged with the music I own. The artwork consumes most of my field of vision so that I’m immersed. And as I’m listening, I find I’m devoting my attention to the music. There’s even a welcome intermission when it’s time to turn the record over.

Even the act of purchasing vinyl takes time and attention. It’s not an instantaneous download. There is thought behind whether or not this record should consume physical shelf space. And there is anticipation leading up to the listening experience – from purchase to first listen.

Listening to vinyl has brought me back to a slower, more deliberate and attention-focused listening experience. At the risk of sounding too zen, it’s helped me become a more mindful listener.

Yes, I still own digital music. I still love the convenience of having it with me everywhere I go. But when I’m at home, no other form of listening is more enjoyable for me at this moment than vinyl.

- Josh Bicknell



This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Miss Ohio - whippoorwill road
The Ghost In You - I saved latin! (Wes Anderson films tribute)
Pollimer - find me
Eden Mulholland - body fight time
Michael Louis Band - Brooklyn swamp music
Exovex - radio silence pre-release demo
The Extras, Inc. - live in Asbury Park
All Sensory Void - everywhere you go…there you are
The Dead Daisies - face I love ep
Goodbye Berlin - pink positive
Lewis Watson - stay (we the wild remix)
Roy Turnham - Roy Turnham

Full playlists with links to all the bands at Support Good Music!

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs on Tues @ 8pm, Wed @ 11am & 10pm, Thurs @ 3am & midnight, Fri @ 9am & 3pm, and Sun @ 8pm (all times are eastern time zone)


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Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

Concert Preview Show – Sunday thru Saturday @ 7pm ET

Lazlo’s Den - Monday thru Friday @ 8pm ET, replay @ 11am ET

Lazlo’s Den presents New Music - Tues @ 8pm ET, Wed @ 11am & 10pm, Thurs @ 3am & midnight, Fri @ 9am & 3pm, Sun @ 8pm

‘Rock N Roll Gas Station’ hosted by Jim Testa - Thursday @ 10pm ET, Sun @ 7pm, & Mon @ 6pm

Signal To Noise hosted by Al C – Sunday @ 10pm ET, Monday @ noon


That's all for this week folks.