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Newsletter 7-20-15


It's that time of the year. Musicians, please see "Lazlo's Corner" below for info on this year's Banding Together Benefit Webathon for the Spondylitis Association Of America


Don't forget Lazlo is on the air live every Wednesday at 7pm for Lazlo's Den Live.


The next Free Summer Concert Series @ Espresso Joe's is Saturday, August 15th!

There is no better place to see music outdoors this summer than outside Espresso Joe's overlooking the water and the sunset (weather permitting. In case of rain the show is moved inside Espresso Joe's).

This is an opportunity to see some great electric bands, in a lovely outdoor environment!

This month's show features The Extras Inc., Afraid Brigade, and Happy Joe

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on &

RECOMMENDATION: Sink Tapes - "window unit blues"
RECOMMENDATION: Girl In The Middle - "magnolia street"
COMMENTARY: An Open Letter To Kid Rock
INTERVIEW ARCHIVE: Rob Ferreira from Downshallow & Dead Fish Handshake
RECOMMENDATION: Ike Reilly - "born on fire"
RECOMMENDATION: Moon Motel - "Live in the Moon Motel, Howell, NJ"
RECOMMENDATION: Downshallow - "psyche" (single)
RECOMMENDATION: Naked Ant - "sleeper ep"

~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

I am starting to plan this year's Banding Together - webathon benefit for the Spondylitis Association Of America, to broadcast on in October.

As many of you already know, this is a very personal benefit for me, because my wife suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis. This is also a big deal every year that not only gets tons of listeners from around the world, but also raises a lot of money for a good cause.

The plan for the webathon this year is a little different from last year, as we will be broadcasting live from my apartment, instead of pre-recording everything (though if you cannot make it the weekend of the benefit you can pre-record on your own or here).

For all bands who want to come here (still in Old Bridge, NJ), the webathon will be the weekend beginning Friday October 16th. Each day from Friday through Sunday we hope to have live acts performing acoustically here, between 11am & 9pm.

Every acoustic act will do a 30 minute set, but we'd like each act to stick around for as long as they can to be part of the audience for the other 3 acts. This has worked really well tin the past, and hopefully will work as well this year. Please note that those recording here must keep it acoustic (no drums, but percussion instruments are fine) and no larger than a trio. This is due to space constraints and not wanting to piss off my neighbors with loud music.

You can record electric and as many band members as you like on your own...which brings me to...

If you wish to record a 30 minute set on your own, you are still more than welcome to (and I'm sure it will be easiest for any band outside of NJ). The pre-recorded sets will air during times when we do not have people performing live.

I realize October seems a long way off right now, but if you can please e-mail me ( stating if you are interested in being a part of this or not and if you plan to be play acoustic here the weekend of October 16th-18th, or pre-record on your own, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm trying not to over-stuff information into this e-mail, so if things need further explanation please let me know.

Also, please feel free to forward this on to other bands or people who you think may be interested in being involved.

Thank you, as always, for your support of this cause.

Spondylitis (pronounced spon-d-lie-tiss) is the name given to a group of chronic or long lasting diseases. These diseases are forms of inflammatory arthritis that primarily affect the spine, although other joints and organs can become involved. Spondylitis, unlike many other rheumatic (arthritic) conditions, affects young adults and commonly begins before the age of 35. Prominent researchers have stated that AS affects at least 1 in every 200 adults (approximately 0.5%) making it as common as rheumatoid arthritis. Although there is currently no known cure, there is much you can do to educate yourself regarding Spondylitis and its treatments. There have been significant advancements in medical treatments during recent years and there are treatment options for those afflicted that can reduce the pain and symptoms of Spondylitis.




This week on Presents New NJ Music Week we have new music from:


Monday @ 7pm, Tuesday @ Noon, Wednesday @ 2am, Thursday @ 9am, Friday @ 3pm, Saturday @ 10am, and Sunday @6pm

Jim Testa - oh Hilary
J.T. Makoviecki - American Songbook Vol. 2
Tyler Jae Smith - through&through
Just Waiting - [demos]
Twin Coves - tight spaces
Sink Tapes - window unit blues
Yo La Tengo - stuff like that there
Rob Jennings - rarities vol. 1
Obi Fernandez - get the time (Descendents cover)
Steve Van Tine - hello hell
Terrible Terrible - get the new computer
ghostdog - a big year
bryan - hot tub time machine
Brother My - bedroom recordings ep


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:


Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday @ noon & 10pm, Thursday @ 3am, Friday @ 9am, Saturday @ 9am, and Sunday @ 7pm

Wilco - star wars
Girl In The Middle - magnolia street
Mark Matthews - misspent future
Glen Hansard - winning streak [single]
Matt Cook - the training wheels are off
Bryce Wastney - beyond the afterglow
Jeff Healey - The Best Of The Stony Plain Years: Vintage Jazz, Swing And Blues
Kabaka - on the corner riddim
Dresden - Dresden
The Oyster Murders - when you're wrong
Motion City Soundtrack - TKO [single]
Dead Leaves - Mayflower Collective // Take This To Heart Records Summer 2015 Compilation
The Lord Calverts - now!
The Fratellis - eyes wide, tongue tied



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Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

Note that when the specialty shows below are not playing, our regular playlist is still the best music from NJ bands!

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Signal To Noise (hosted by Al C.) airs Sunday @ 10pm, and Monday @ noon

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That's all for this week folks.