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Newsletter 11-23-15


Check out to download sets from this year's Banding Together webathon, as well as compilations from this year's, and previous webathons. All money raised goes directly into funding research to find a cure for spondylitis.


We're taking December off from Espresso Joe's, but we'll be back there on January 9th, and the second Saturday of every month in 2016!

We are working on our 3rd annual live New Year's Eve broadcast from noon until midnight (musicians interested in performing acoustic here for the broadcast should e-mail me).


Latest Updates on &

RECOMMENDATION: Closer To Home - "Closer To Home"
RECOMMENDATION: Shred Kelly - "sing to the night"
RECOMMENDATION: Psychopunch - "sweet baby octane"
RECOMMENDATION: Neil Finn + Paul Kelly - "going your way"
RECOMMENDATION: Bern & The Brights - "Heart Wide Open,"

~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

Every Thanksgiving I make a smug comment about being thankful I am not a Native American, but this year I am going to make a smug comment about being thankful I am not a Syrian refugee.

As if it is not bad enough that they have been forced to leave their homes, rather than become a causality in a war with no end in sight, they are now be condemned by many politicians, with our own state governor saying, "I don't think orphans under five are being, you know, should be admitted into the United States at this point." It is a shame that fear of terrorism has led to fear of even an orphan child coming to this land.

Should the orphan be forced to fend for his/her-self in Syria?

How long do you think the child would last there?

And what about the adults, whose only crime was living their lives in a country where war broke out. There are American terrorists (who do you think keeps shooting up schools and offices), do we want other countries to block Americans from entering?

To those even more ignorant people that say keep out all Muslims, IT IS NOT MUSLIMS KILLING PEOPLE. The terrorists are just that, terrorists, no more than a Christian who bastardizes the bible to kill a minority is a Christian.

It is sad that even comedian Dennis Miller has recently said completely racist things about hating Muslims. Back in the 90's he went off of a rant on his HBO show about how ignorant it was to hate people in a group (like say, being Muslim). He ended his rant with, "It's foolish to be prejudiced. There are so many reasons to hate people on an individual basis." I wish 90's Dennis Miller was still around today to talk to the ignorant twit who has taken his place.

Yes we need to vet people coming into this country, WE DO THAT ALREADY. Do we live in fear of a terrorist getting into our country, or do we do the right thing and help the "huddled masses yearning to be free", the people that will come to this country, be thankful for getting them out of a war zone, and in many cases end up caring more about their adopted homeland than those that claim to be patriots.

So let's all be thankful that when out ancestors came to this country they didn't shut the border completely because of a few rotten eggs.




This week on Presents New NJ Music Week we have new music from:


Monday @ 7pm, Tuesday @ Noon, Wednesday @ 2am, Thursday @ 9am, Friday @ 3pm, Saturday @ 10am, and Sunday @6pm

Closer To Home - Closer to Home
Bay Kee - wonder wild
Masred - tank
The Rock Dicks - do you remember the Rock Dicks?
Long Neck - heights
Mike Oregano - jammin' at the Coffee Haus
Kult Of Mary - demos
Jim Testa - Bernie
Travis loves Benson - bow-tie my eyes
Brian Lowe - Brian Lowe (live session at RVR)
Night Windows - not listening
Non-Toxic - non-boxes
Jacobus - Jacobus e.p.


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:


Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday @ noon & 10pm, Thursday @ 3am, Friday @ 9am, Saturday @ 9am, and Sunday @ 7pm

Anti-Flag - live acoustic at 11th Street Records
Shred Kelly - sing to the night
Anya Marina - paper plane
Gnarwolves - adolescence
Trans FX - into the blu
Old Man Canyon - delirium
The Mojo Slide - smiling
Late Cambrian - Dark Heart (Where Can We Go Now)
Automagik - dark daze
Psychopunch - sweet baby octane
Philosophical Zombie - Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue
Teen Death - drag / dark life
The Echo And The Sound - buffalo mouth: the double ep
Artie Tobia - aberdeen
Roscoe Holcomb - San Diego State Folk Festival 1972



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