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Newsletter 12-28-15


The best show this New Year's Eve can be heard from wherever you have a wifi connection.'s 3rd Annual New Years Eve Broadcast will be live from noon until midnight, featuring in-studio guests as well as people calling into the show.

I'll be sending out more info on this special broadcast later this week, as we are still finalizing all the guests.


Check out to download sets from this year's Banding Together webathon, as well as compilations from this year's, and previous webathons. All money raised goes directly into funding research to find a cure for spondylitis.


We're taking December off from Espresso Joe's, but we'll be back there on January 9th with Rob Jennings, Blisstique, and Keith Beck, with a special opening acoustic set from The Wailing Kids!


Latest Updates on &

RECOMMENDATION: Joe Miller - "American Crow (feat. Sandy Mack)"
RECOMMENDATION: Staten - "Patricia"
RECOMMENDATION: Brother Younger - "no growth"
RECOMMENDATION: Justin Evan Thomas - "Boy Interrupted Act 1: Fire Burns & Love Heals"
RECOMMENDATION: Baby Jesus - "Baby Jesus"
RECOMMENDATION: Adam Henry Garcia - "all for love"
RECOMMENDATION: Anya Marina - "paper plane"
RECOMMENDATION: "Joey's Songs" (compilations for Epilepsy research)
RECOMMENDATION: Tim Fite - "resist'"
PHOTOS: Grace Potter @ Paramount Theatre 12/4/15

~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

You may have seen this series of tweets I sent out on December 23rd about the future of's internet Station:

- Trying to avoid talking rumors, but since the announcement of higher 2016 royalty rates, the future of @live365 has been unclear

- .@live365 has hosted @BlowUpRadio's internet radio stream for 15 years. Currently @live365 are saying nothing to broadcasters

- What does this mean for @BlowUpRadio? The website isn't going anywhere, & we'll continue to support NJ's local music scene

- but the future of @live365 is directly related to the future of @BlowUpRadio's internet station component.

- Hopefully @live365 will communicate to broadcasters soon, instead of letting rumors fly on their own message boards

- Worst part of this is 95% of the acts I've played in the last 15 years are so indie that they've never seen a dime in royalties

- So no doom & gloom yet, but since so many have asked, yes, the future of our internet station is in @live365's hands

It is now Monday December 28th, and still no word from Live365.

Sadly,'s 3rd Annual New Years Eve Broadcast, could be our last broadcast (if Live365 shuts down at midnight). I don't know how likely that is, but more likely,'s 3rd Annual New Years Eve Broadcast could be our last live broadcast (since when we broadcast in live mode, Live365 cannot add in their commercials).

As soon as I have some concrete info from Live365 I will post it on my Twitter feed (@Lazlo_BUR), and get the info out to all of you on my e-mail list.

I hope you will all tune in on New Year's Eve for our broadcast, regardless of whether it is the last or not, and know that even if I is, is not going anywhere. We will still be here to support good music!




This week on Presents New NJ Music Week we have new music from:


Monday @ 7pm, Tuesday @ Noon, Wednesday @ 2am, Thursday @ 9am, Friday @ 3pm, Saturday @ 10am, and Sunday @6pm

Staten - Patricia
Brother Younger - no growth
Adam Henry Garcia - all for love
Sebring Scope - glowboys on strike
C.R. Gennone - going vertical
Sistine - demos
Hollow-Eyed - live on the sho sho
Ian Matthew Keller - 20
Joe Miller - American Crow (feat. Sandy Mack)
Danny Dearest - blue hands
Roy G. Biv and the Hues - taming young dachshunds
Andrew Lange - no
Buddy McCool - high voltage


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:


Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday @ noon & 10pm, Thursday @ 3am, Friday @ 9am, Saturday @ 9am, and Sunday @ 7pm

Baby Jesus - Baby Jesus
etti-etta - refrains
Elephant 12 - there goes my ego
High Five Spaceship - leroy (Wheatus cover)
Autopilot - desert dreams
Handguns - disenchanted
Howlish - outer
Radiohead - spectre
Average Mammals - small talks
Lyke Giants - Jacob
Jake Bosci - heartbreak
Snowapple - Old Fashioned Morphine
The Jayhawks - live at the Belly Up



Our on air schedule at is

Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

Note that when the specialty shows below are not playing, our regular playlist is still the best music from NJ bands!

Lazlo's Den (Playing the Best Music From Around The World) airs daily at Midnight, 11am, and 8pm. Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm, Tuesday @ Noon, Wednesday @ 2am, Thursday @ 9am, Friday @ 3pm, Saturday @ 10am, and Sunday @ 6pm

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday @ noon & 10pm, Thursday @ 3am, Friday @ 9am, Saturday @ 9am, and Sunday @ 7pm

And remember while you are listening to to vote thumbs up for the songs you like & thumbs down for the songs you don't.


That's all for this week folks.