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Hi Everyone,

Before I get into all the information below I want to remind everyone that the website is not going anywhere, and will still be Where NJ Rock Lives, supporting the local music scene for years to come!

The information below is solely about our internet radio station component.

there is also a audio message from me posted at


If you read my newsletter earlier this week, or have read my tweets (@Lazlo_BUR), you know that the royalties on internet radio are set to increase a lot on January 1st, 2016. A provision for small broadcasters like myself has also been removed from the new royalty documentation.

This has led to rampant rumors that Live365 (which hosts’s Internet radio component) is going to close.

Live365 has still not directly contacted any of their broadcasters, but last night they posted the following press release on a news site:

To summarize, they have lost their financial backing, laid off a lot of people, and taken down their billing page.

The only positive to be taken from it is, “At this time, LIVE365 is planning to keep their stations active while seeking new investments "from a company looking to diversify into streaming audio."”

...but who knows how long they plan to keep the stations active. I suspect I won’t know until they pull the plug, but the rumor mill says that Live365 is going dark on January 1st at 12:01am.

This, sadly, means that tomorrow night’s Third Annual New Year’s Eve live broadcast from noon until midnight is also likely the last broadcast for our internet radio station.

Strangely, it seems appropriate that just a few weeks ago we celebrated 15 years of by playing nearly every New Jersey band we have ever played on our webcast.

If tomorrow night is truly the end of our internet station, we will not be going out with a whimper!

We have an amazing 12 hour broadcast planned, with a ton of in-studio performances and special guests!

the following guests are confirmed to be either performing live, or calling into our broadcast:

Catherine Wacha
Jack Skuller
Joshua Van Ness
Justin Evan Thomas
Laree Cisco
Mike Oregano
Sean Faust
Shotgun Bill
Son Of Dov
Staten Justin Fernandez
Tony Tedesco

With more announced special guests!

So please tune into our internet radio station one last time tomorrow from noon until midnight, as we remember 2015 and the last 15 years of!

FYI – I am already working on plans for the next phase of We will still be supporting good music!

UPDATE: right as I was about to click send on this, Live365 finally contacted broadcasters with a statement, which says a lot of the same things as the press release they send yesterday to the media. The only difference is that this new message implies that tomorrow at midnight west coast time they will be taking most internet radio streams offline, including

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