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Newsletter 3-14-16

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Josh Bicknell, Jason Kundrath, Paul Rosevear, The Deafening Colors, Espresso Joe's, and everyone who came out for this month's Guitar Pull! It was a glorious night, and it reminded me why it is worth it to sometimes deal with the bullshit that comes with trying to run in my limited spare time, using solely my own money to operate.

Next month's Guitar Pull should be just as incredible with Jonathan Andrew, Sean Faust, and J Orellana, with an acoustic opening set from Hat & Boots.

Mark you calendars now for Saturday, April 9th.

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

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Lazlo's Corner

I debated about even talking about this here, but decided to mention it solely to make a point about how important communication is and to actually listen to others, especially people that have a difference of opinion. Not because that person is likely to change your mind, though one should always keep one's mind open to ideas other than their own, but because by civil communication you can hopeful at least understand why someone holds a belief. Understanding one another, even if you disagree, is preferable to trying to force you opinion or belief upon another.

This past week I was trying to continue a discussion with someone on Twitter about royalty rates, and why he thought hobbyist internet radio stations like mine, which make no money (actually, loses money) should have to pay 5 times as much in royalty rates as college radio stations. Instead of getting an answer, he, and some of his followers who did not care about the context of the conversation, started cyber-bullying me, attacking me as not wanting to pay royalties. Which is not the case at all.

This whole situation could have been resolved civilly, if we just could have had a conversation. Instead, I had to block several people on Twitter. That's a lose-lose situation, as no one ends up happy.

The same could be said of this heated primary election.

And I'm not just talking about Trump, his supporters, and protesters.

I have sadly seen many cases where Bernie Sanders supporters are getting into shouting matches and vicious attacks with Hillary Clinton supporters, and vice versa. All these attacks do is cause more divisiveness. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton certainly have some big differences, but they have more in common with each other then either of them have with the candidates in the Republican party. Wouldn't it make more sense to have civil discussions, where you can not just talk about differences, but talk about similarities. Ultimately one of these two people is going to be the Democratic candidate, and if that is your party of choice, you are likely to vote for whomever wins the primary count. Don't be the party of hatred towards one another.

Instead let's actually civilly communicate. We can disagree, and still be civil and try to understand one another.

Or as Paul McCartney said, "we can work it out"



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. DownTown Mystic - "Shades Of White Bluegrass" from "DownTown Nashville"
2. Old Smile - "You Got Reasons" from "In this Booth With You"
3. Match Party - "I Failed" from "grey Fields"
4. Laree Cisco - "Use Your Eyes Man!!" from "FAWM 2016"
5. Zoo Keys - "Dream Team" from "Violent Ends EP"
6. Third Seed - "Loft" from "Keep It in Orbit"
7. Mungo's List - "Modern Love" from "Modern Love / Super Amazing"
8. Spoiled Peaches - "Show Me The Way To Go Home" from "Green Again"
9. Apollo - "Center Of The Universe" from "The Demo"
10. The Meritocracy - "You Don't Even Know" from "MeYouWe"
11. Sojourner - "Coffee Stains a Crooked House" from "Waxfruit"
12. Mom Fight - "Destroy" from "the Demos: part II"
13. Evan James Smith - "Sweet" from "Speechless"
14. Sean Faust - "Status Quo Radio" from "BlowUp Radio 12​-​31​-​2015"
15. Ian Matthew Keller - "how do you feel" from "22"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. The Winter Sounds - "Boys, You Won't (the Wrens cover)" from "Boys, You Won't (the Wrens cover)"
2. case/lang/veirs - "Atomic Number" from "case/lang/veirs"
3. Jed Whedon and the Willing - "Let Her Go" from "Like Snow"
4. The Brices - "Snow Dazed" from "Snow Dazed"
5. The Rifters - "A Hundred Miles" from "Architecture Of A Fire"
6. Up The Chain - "No Waiting Lines" from "The Prison Break"
7. Ski Lodge - "Crush Your Heart" from "New Life"
8. Young In The City - "Tina" from "Young In The City"
9. The Zolas - "swooner" from "Swooner"
10. Ratboys - "And" from "AOID"
11. Dead Trains - "Gasoline" from "County Road Bound"
12. The Love Junkies - "Nobody" from "Nobody"
13. H. DJ Pancake - "Nothing" from "Any City Now"
14. Vulture Whale - "Raised Doubts" from "Aluminum"
15. Doug C and the Blacklisted - "Hit and Run" from "Hit and Run"



That's all for this week folks.