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Newsletter 4-25-16

Hi Everyone,

The last Guitar Pull @ Espresso Joe's for our winter/spring season will take place on Saturday May 14th (incidentally, one day after my birthday)!

This month's show features 1L, HAL, & Staten, with an acoustic opening set from O'Neill & Martin.

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

MUSIC VIDEO: Dinosaur Eyelids - "Vernal Equinox"
MUSIC VIDEO: Jon Caspi & The First Gun ft. Dez Cadena - "Sun"
RECOMMENDATION: Goo Goo Dolls - "The Pin / Over & Over"
RECOMMENDATION: Timothy Hay - "On To You"
RECOMMENDATION: Tasha Taylor - "Honey For The Biscuit"
MUSIC VIDEO: Fairmont - "Don't Wait Up" & "To Love Somebody" (BeeGees cover) Live Acoustic
RECOMMENDATION: Fun While You Wait - "Continuity"
RECOMMENDATION: Dollys - "Low Year"
RECOMMENDATION: The Posies - "Unlikely Places"
RECOMMENDATION: Backyard Superheroes - "Netflix & Chill - Beerfest Sampler"
RECOMMENDATION: The Subterraneans - "Lost"
MUSIC VIDEO: The Winter Sounds - "Nineteen (Demo)"
RECOMMENDATION: The Scary Jokes - "April Fools"
RECOMMENDATION: New Age Healers - "Ghosts"
MUSIC VIDEO: Son Of Dov - "Smoke Signals"


Lazlo's Corner

While Obamacare has helped has certainly helped many get healthcare, co-pays keep getting worse.

If you are unlucky enough to get serious medical condition, you could end up with tons of bills.

As someone whose spouse suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, I've seen how expensive our co-pays can get, especially for ER visits.

And if you get cancer, and are lucky enough to survive it, seeing the bill from medical services could give you a heart attack.

It is why I always like to use this space to help promote benefit shows.

The press release below is for a benefit this Saturday (4/30) at Brighton Bar for Dez Cadena (Flag, Misfits, Black Flag, Red Kross, many more, and recently has played several shows with Jon Caspi & The First Gun).

Later this week (hopefully Tuesday), check out for an interview with Jon Caspi, the organizer of this benefit.


A fundraiser for Dez Cadena, of the legendary punk bands Black Flag, Misfits, and FLAG, will take place at the Brighton Bar on Saturday April 30th. Cadena had to end his almost 15 year run as a member of The Misfits due to throat cancer. He is recovering well and about to go back on tour this summer with FLAG but still dealing with a mountain of medical bills.

The fundraiser will feature multiple acts including Dez Cadena and The Buzz Aldrin Trio performing a set of Black Flag tunes, Jon Caspi & The First Gun (featuring Cadena on guitar), Lost in Society, Pep Rally, and special appearances by Jimmy Gestapo and Raven (both of Murphy’s Law). Announcements of other special guests are expected.

Since leaving The Misfits he has been performing with NJ natives Jon Caspi & The First Gun, who are organizing the benefit on his behalf. They have digitally released one song together called “SUN” on Brighton Bar Records, and its video is being released in conjunction with the upcoming fundraiser. This is Cadena’s first release since the onset of his throat cancer.

Cadena and Caspi connected over the recent and unexpected death of a mutual friend, “Mr Lou” DeMartino. Caspi says, "This song is a tribute to Lou and is about how truly sad and tragic endings can sometimes lead to good things. We'd rather have Lou back with us, but since we can't, we are glad that this came about because of him. It was Lou's gift to us." The track can be found via many online outlets including iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

A Go Fund Me site set up on Cadena’s behalf ( where fans can support him and his recovery.

Link to the video, SUN:

Link to the track, SUN:




This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Fun While You Wait - "The In Between" from "Continuity"
2. Dentist - "Awful" from "Ceilings"
3. HAL - "The Shape Of Society" from "HALfire"
4. The Maravines - "Happy Friday" from "Sloan"
5. J.T. Makoviecki - "Sleep, Repeat" from "With New Eyes"
6. JP parker - "Get up (and go)" from "Machine of Time"
7. Timothy Hay - "On To You" from "Earth​-​like Planets"
8. The Break Evens - "Analog Girl" from "The Break Evens (Demo)"
9. Joy Cleaner - "Townies'" from "Please No Half​-​Steppin'"
10. Mezling - "Responsible Hands" from "Leno In The Stars"
11. The Planet You - "Roses Are Subjective" from "Art Is Useless Split w/ Polyphony"
12. Adrianna Melody - "Heist" from "Non​-​Fiction Stories for Fictional People"
13. Casino Sundae - "All About the Media" from "Singles Going Sundae"
14. Nightstand Commissioners - "Well That Didn't Work" from "Psychotic Dream Sequence"
15. Brandon Broderick - "Your Smile" from "Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, Lanoka Harbor, NJ (February 21st, 2016)"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Tasha Taylor - "Little Miss Suzie" from "Honey For The Biscuit"
2. White Miles - "In The Mirror" from "The Duel"
3. Jane Lee Hooker - "Wade In The Water" from "No B!"
4. Travis - "Magnificent Time" from "Everything At Once"
5. Eric Bachmann - "Mercy" from "Eric Bachmann"
6. Errol Dunkley - "Please Stop Your Lying" from "First Class Rock Steady"
7. Culture Abuse - "Jealous" from "Peach"
8. Brass Bed - "Mind The Gap" from "In The Yellow Leaf"
9. Solids - "Blank Stare" from "Else"
10. Moreland & Arbuckle - "When The Lights Are Burning Low" from "Promised Land Or Bust"
11. GreyMarket - "Minutiae" from "The Stress Kills"
12. Peter Katz - "We Won't Mind" from "We Are The Reckoning"
13. Trapper Schoepp - "Ogallala" from "Rangers & Valentines"
14. Sunshine Gun Club - "Fading Lights" from "Heaven"
15. Goo Goo Dolls - "Over & Over" from "Boxes"



That's all for this week folks.