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Newsletter 5-16-16

Hi Everyone,

Big thanks to 1L, HAL, Staten, O'Neill & Martin, Espresso Joe's, and everyone that came out to this month's Guitar Pull. Each one of these shows have a special uniqueness to them because of the set up, and this month's was no exception. I am so overjoyed with how well the Guitar Pull shows are going.

But we will be taking a break with the Guitar Pull for the summer, so that we can do our Summer Concert Series at Espresso Joe's.

Sadly, due to the recent fire in Keyport, it does not look like we will be able to do our shows outdoors this summer. However, that is going to make for some very special shows as we have some amazing bands going acoustic inside Espresso Joe's!

We kick off our summer concert series on Saturday, June 11th, with acoustic sets from Casino Sundae, The Accelerators, and September's Ghost!

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

RECOMMENDATION: The Black Sox Scandal - "In Search of Brighter Skies"
RECOMMENDATION: The Honeycutters - "On The Ropes"
RECOMMENDATION: Dang It, Martha - "For Future Reference"
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RECOMMENDATION: Pep Rally - "It's Just Better This Way"
RECOMMENDATION: The Everymen - "Co-Dependent's Day / Christglider"
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RECOMMENDATION: David Bazan - "Blanco"
PLAYLIST: Guitar Pull Preview for 5/14/16 @ Espresso Joe's
CLASSIC CONCERTS: Particle Zoo live at The Baggot Inn 4/27/2002
CLASSIC CONCERTS: Particle Zoo live at Broadway Central Cafe 5/18/2002


Lazlo's Corner

As most of you know I've spent the last few months trying to get legislation passed by congress to reinstate the Copyright Royalty Board provision for small broadcasters.

Obviously getting anything through congress is an uphill battle, and I'm probably more likely to win the lottery than get the legislation pushed through congress.

But I am reaching out to various congress members that I am told could help.

In the meantime I am continuing to do the embedded playlists


if another internet radio station gave me the opportunity to do a live broadcast once a week on their station, would you tune in?

This is technically hypothetical at the moment, but if enough people are interested, I will look into the feasibility of doing this.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. The Everymen - "Co​-​Dependent's Day" from "These Mad Dogs Need Heroes"
2. Everything And Between - "Bad Knees" from "Bad Knees"
3. Pep Rally - "Shaky Lungs" from "It's Just Better This Way"
4. Phulton - "Real Love" from "In Lieu of Flowers"
5. Gates - "Empty Canvas" from "Parallel Lives"
6. Dentist - "MeetYouThere (In Delaware)" from "Ceilings"
7. The Great American Satan - "Uppers and Downers" from "Hell Songs"
8. The Battery Electric - "Holiday in Heaven" from "Lose control"
9. Casino Sundae - "Things We Should Have Said'" from "Singles Going Sundae"
10. Staten - "Alumni" from "Alumni / Jawline"
11. Good Luck Spaceman - "Technicolor" from "Courtyards"
12. Joe Miranda - "Get along" from "Stuck here"
13. Modern Chemistry - "Carolina" from "Dreaming Adjacent"
14. Mikey Erg - "Comme Si About Me" from "Tentative Decisions"
15. September's Ghost - "Tommy's Got A Gun" from "Drawn to the Satellites"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. David Bazan - "Kept Secrets" from "Blanco"
2. Shutterwax - "Hurricane" from "Hurricane"
3. Sabrina ​Starke - "Next Man" from "Sabrina ​Starke"
4. Black Pistol Fire - "Hard Luck" from "Don't Wake The Riot"
5. Luke Bell - "All Blue" from "Luke Bell"
6. The Dirty Clergy - "All I Need" from "Rattlesnake"
7. Secret Space - "I've Come Around" from "the Window Room"
8. Harpooner - "Carolines"" from "Rose Park"
9. Matt and Kim - "Fall To Pieces" from "We Were The Wierdos"
10. Peoples Blues Of Richmond - "Red - Eyed & Brain - Fried" from "Quit Or Die"
11. Robert Ellis - "How I Love You" from "Robert Ellis"
12. Alice Bag - "Poisoned Seed" from "Alice Bag"
13. Jackal Onasis - "The New Ron" from "big Deal Party"
14. The Stone Roses - "All For One" from "All For One"
15. Sara Rachele & the Skintights - "How Does It Feel Like (to Lose?)" from "Motel Fire"



That's all for this week folks.