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Newsletter 5-30-16

Hi Everyone,'s Acoustic Summer Concert Series at Espresso Joe's kicks off on Saturday, June 11th, with acoustic sets from Casino Sundae, The Accelerators, and September’s Ghost!

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): KC Roemer - "strings me along"
RECOMMENDATION: Steve Poltz - "folksinger"
RECOMMENDATION: ManDancing - "everyone else"
MUSIC VIDEO: The Teen Age - "Backwards"
MUSIC VIDEO: Dentist - "Meet You There (In Delaware)"
MUSIC VIDEO: Sarah Donner - "Perfect Time"
MUSIC VIDEO: Cinema Star - "Attractive"
RECOMMENDATION: The Black Sox Scandal - "In Search of Brighter Skies"
RECOMMENDATION: The Honeycutters - "On The Ropes"
RECOMMENDATION: Dang It, Martha - "For Future Reference"
RECOMMENDATION: The Cheap Moves - "2016 EP"
RECOMMENDATION: Pep Rally - "It's Just Better This Way"
RECOMMENDATION: The Everymen - "Co-Dependent's Day / Christglider"


Lazlo's Corner

I know I've said this before, but it always bears repeating (and you'll understand why later in the column). has never been intended to be just my opinion and taste in music. The plan has always been for this site to be not just for the local music community, but also including input from the community. There are times where this has come to pass, and wonderful people have written reviews and done shows on, and I would love to see that happen once again.

So yesterday I tweeted this:

I still want @BlowUpRadio to be more of a NJ Music community based website, but to do so I need your help. Anyone want to write, DJ, etc?

And was happy when three different people expressed an interest.

One of them, Dennis King (aka Son Of Dov), has already started his new recommendations column, "Outliers & Cold Fires", on

Hopefully the other two people will begin doing stuff on the site shortly.

But four people (including myself), is but a small community.

I know this site can be so much better with a bigger community supporting good music in their own way!

I would love to have you be a part of this community, doing recommendations/reviews, programming your own show, or doing something else to support the music scene that maybe I haven't thought of yet.

If you are interested, please contact me.

If we build a bigger community the whole scene wins!



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Lost Romance - "Heart On A Wire" from "Heart On A Wire"
2. Cinema Star - "Attractive" from "Attractive"
3. Casino Sundae - "Aint Gone and Done'" from "Singles Going Sundae"
4. Frank & Bill - "Midnight Train" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"
5. Colton Kayser - "Place to Settle" from "Place to Settle"
6. Tim Mountain - "S​-​Waves" from "Vol. I"
7. Delsea - "action at a distance" from "Girl's Night Out"
8. Third Seed - "Late Night Scamerica" from "Still Asleep"
9. County Drop - "Taller Grass'" from "You Firefly"
10. goldwoman - "i'd still take you to the grammys'" from "songs i recorded in my bathroom"
11. Tom Flynn - "Long Line Waiting" from "Long Line Waiting"
12. Sophia & Nick Longo - "Pork roll, egg, and cheese" from "The Longos"
13. Will Wood and the Tapeworms - "6up, 5oh, CopOut (Pro​/​Con)" from "Live in Studio"
14. Weary Travelers - "Down" from "Forget and Go"
15. Stress Eater - "Memorial Day Weakened" from "Read St. Demos"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Steve Poltz - "Folksinger" from "Folksinger"
2. Robert Francis - "Fire Engine Red" from "Fire Engine Red"
3. Honey Island Swamp Band - "Medicated" from "Demolition Day"
4. Suit Of Lights - "Monsters" from "Break Open the Head"
5. Josh Flagg - "Take Me On" from "Tracing Shapes"
6. Mean Jeans - "I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care" from "Tight New Dimension"
7. Zachary Fader - "Lost In The Waves" from "Lost In The Waves"
8. Sweet Crude - "Isle Dans la Mer"" from "Sweet Crude"
9. Health&Beauty - "Wartime" from "No Scare"
10. Pink Mexico - "Buzz Kill" from "Fool"
11. Lull - "Nouvelle" from "EP"
12. TTNG - "A Chase Of Sorts" from "Disappointment Island"
13. Faithless Town - "Waste Away" from "Empires"
14. In Letter Form - "Face In The Crowd" from "Fracture. Repair. Repeat"
15. Audience Killers - "Sounds Like You" from "Floating Islands"



That's all for this week folks.