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Newsletter 6-13-16

Hi Everyone,

Big thanks to Casino Sundae, The Accelerators, and September's Ghost, for kicking off's Acoustic Summer Concert Series at Espresso Joe's. While it's a bummer we are unable to do outdoor rock shows in Keyport this summer, being indoors on a hot, humid Saturday night, with air conditioning, was wonderful. Though not as wonderful as the rare acoustic sets all 3 acts did!'s Acoustic Summer Concert Series at Espresso Joe's continues Saturday, July 9th, with acoustic sets from The Extras Inc, The Brixton Riot, and Fun While You Wait!

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


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Lazlo's Corner

As you know two shooting took place in Orlando over the weekend. The first killing a singer, shortly after she performed, and while she was signing autographs for fans. The second, barely 24 hours later, killing and injuring many at a gay nightclub.

I am writing this on early Sunday morning, as information on both tragedies are sill coming in. Motives are unknown, and a lot of specific information has not yet come out.

What I do know is that we are all affected.

Not just because we, as humans, are horrified by what has happened, but because of where these shooting happened.

Shootings at concerts and nightclubs are becoming more commonplace (see Irving Plaza last month, and Bataclan Theatre in Paris last November, as two examples).

Places with music (be it a live concert or nightclub) are supposed to be joyous places, full of people singing, dancing, or otherwise having a fun time.

12 hours ago I was having an amazing evening at Espresso Joe’s lip-syncing along to Casino Sundae, The Accelerators, and September’s Ghost performing (lip-syncing because no one wants to hear me sing, trust me). It was a fun time, that for a few hours makes me forget about all the shit that makes life suck.

6 hours ago a lot of people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando were probably have a fun time too, dancing and singing, forgetting about the stuff in their lives that sucks. Now some of those people are dead, and others are injured…because of one asshole with a gun. An asshole that if there were better background checks, may never have had access to the gun.

And 24 hours ago, Christina Grimmie, was performing at the Plaza Live in Orlando, presumably making the crowd there happy and forgetting about the problems of their lives for a brief moment. Now she’s gone because of another asshole who obviously shouldn’t have had access to a gun.

It is difficult to have to associate music and dancing with murder and bloodshed.

These are supposed to be safe places for people to have fun…

Most still are thankfully. But no one should have to fear they’re going to be murdered going to a concert or nightclub.

I don’t have all the answers. But we’ve tried nothing, and that clearly isn’t working. So why don’t we try to have better, stronger background checks that protects all of us from people with psychological problems (which I’d say is obvious these gunmen had).



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Joshua Van Ness - "Summer Skies" from "Summer Skies"
2. Brandon Broderick - "A Hole Inside" from "Trenton Social, Trenton, NJ (February 23rd, 2016)"
3. Geena Renee - "Sirens'" from "The Candlelight Series"
4. Voyage - "Ocean City" from "Voyage"
5. Collector - "bippity boppity boop" from "cycles"
6. The American Standard - "Wheels Up in 30" from "EP: Part Doo"
7. Staten - "Distance (Corrina, Corrina cover)" from "you're going to miss you when i'm gone"
8. Nowadays - "grΔvy" from "Sleep Outside - EP"
9. Hell Planet - "Won't Shut Up'" from "cool albums for cool people"
10. Annie Blackman - "Let me in'" from "Blue Green"
11. Hemmy Hemmerich - "Thank You" from "Drifting Through These Troubled Times"
12. Cape Cool - "Aurora" from "Aurora"
13. Propagator - "Lucid" from "Patience​/​/​/​Pressure of Time"
14. Automation - "Scatterbrain" from "Lab Rat"
15. Fuhgawee Hunting Club - "80ON80" from "Barn"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Alice Bag - "He's So Sorry" from "Alice Bag"
2. Ray Paul - "In My World" from "Whimsicality"
3. Remain - "Speed" from "The World Beyond"
4. Kandace Springs - "Thought It Would Be Easier" from "Soul Eyes"
5. Weathers - "Happy Pills" from "Happy Pills"
6. Bear's Den - "Auld Wives" from "Red Earth & Pouring Rain"
7. Monk Tamony - "Back Of The Building" from "Monk Tamony"
8. Drunk Couples - "Wrecked" from "Blasted!"
9. Band Of Skulls - "Bodies" from "By Default"
10. American Trappist - "No Bibles" from "No Bibles"
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12. The Paranoid Style - "Common Emergencies" from "Rolling Disclosure"
13. Video Age - "Throwing Knives" from "Living Alone"
14. Nail Polish - "Stay Gone" from "Stay Gone"
15. Descendents - "Victim Of Me" from "Hypercaffium Spazzinate"



That's all for this week folks.