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Newsletter 6-20-16

Hi Everyone,

Please update any and all bookmarks (both on your computer, and any links on your websites) to Our Tripod site is going down (see Lazlo's Corner below)


We are proud to have a brand new Interview Podcast program on

Hosted by Joe Shroeck, "when did you fall in love with music?", has Joe sitting down with musical guests to discuss music and other topics. The result is an entertaining, in depth interview.

You can stream the first episode, with guest Asphalt Grey, right now on

~~~'s Acoustic Summer Concert Series at Espresso Joe's continues Saturday, July 9th, with acoustic sets from The Extras Inc, The Brixton Riot, and Fun While You Wait!

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

RECOMMENDATION: Son Of Dov - "Night Vision"
RECOMMENDATION: case / lang / veirs - "case / lang / veirs"
When Did You Fall In Love With Music? (Interview Podcast): Asphalt Grey
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): Sean Marshall - "Hammer"
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): Rick Barry (feat. Allie Moss) - "Removing The Stitches"
RECOMMENDATION: Suit of Lights - "Break Open the Head"
RECOMMENDATION: The Anderson Council - "Assorted Colours"
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): American Trappist - "No Bibles"
RECOMMENDATION: goldwoman - "songs i recorded in my bathroom"
RECOMMENDATION: Empty Houses - "Daydream"
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): Closer to Home - "Good Days"
RECOMMENDATION: September's Ghost - "Drawn to the Satellites"
RECOMMENDATION: Tony Appleseed - "Color Blind"


Lazlo's Corner

So...BlowUpRadio has now unexpectedly been blown up twice this year LOL!

I laugh, because what else can you do when the company that hosted's internet station for 15 years folded (due to the royalty increase), and then a few months later Tripod, which hosted for 15 & 1/2 years crashed for the second time this year, this time for multiple days.

Instead of enjoying the nice weather this weekend, I spent the bulk of it in front of my computer trying to move to it's new web host.

Some of the last 15 & 1/2 years was lost, but I m hoping in time to get a lot of the things on the old site onto the new one.

For now, everything from 2016 is there, and as much of the Interview Archive as I could salvage is there. I may have other interviews on flash drives or CDR's, but it could take me months/years to find some of that.

I will slowly be rebuilding the site as time permits.

This could not have happened at a worse time, as I was just starting to put together this year's Banding Together benefit for the Spondylitis Association Of America, but whatever doesn't kill will only make my resolve to keep supporting good music (and the Spondylitis Association Of America) stronger!

Now I have to get back to work.

P.S. Apologies if you sent an e-mail this week and I have not yet replied. I have over 100 e-mails that I got backlogged on during all the problems of this week. I will try to reply to everyone over the next few days.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. VelocityRaptor - "I Hate That I Care (About Credit)" from "Six"
2. Dentist - "Joel" from "Ceilings"
3. Asphalt Grey - "Lie Low, Die Slow" from "Beaten Black 'N Blues"
4. Son Of Dov - "Night Vision" from "Night Vision"
5. Skyler Ryes - "Memories of Us" from "Distant Echoes"
6. Brian Hartt - "Leaves of Grass" from "River"
7. Bear Faces - "Tell Me Know" from "Second​-​Hand Drunk"
8. dandelion hands - "you're an anxiety attack (ft dookieshecky)" from "[COMMISSIONS II]"
9. Ocean Roar - "Melted Home" from "Rough Cuts"
10. The Mighty Dead - "Tall like a high horse on a pedestal" from "Metaphysics are in the street, but I'm not leaving this room"
11. ABE - "Airglow" from "Airglow"
12. Benny Hagerty - "Vibes" from "Benny Hagerty"
13. Painted Young - "Leave Some Space For Me" from "Looking Forward to Never Looking Back"
14. Think Twice - "Gazes" from "Currents EP"
15. chico romano - "takes a woman like you (ft. ian kenselaar)" from "4track doodles"

Click here to listen:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Not Blood Paint - "Take Another Chance" from "Believing is Believing"
2. Garbage - "Blackout" from "Strange Little Birds"
3. Man Is Not A Bird - "Life & Levity" from "Life & Levity"
4. Hootsie - "Bully For You" from "Calm Down Crazy"
5. tomemitsu - "vacation" from "loaf eye"
6. David Trull - "Beautiful World" from "Coin Toss"
7. The Novelists - "Soul Sucker" from "Breaking the Script (Book Two)"
8. Scroll Downers - "I Want to Believe" from "Hot Winter"
9. Bat For Lashes - "Sunday Love" from "The Bride"
10. case/lang/veirs - "Honey and Smoke" from "case/lang/veirs"
11. The Blancos - "2¢" from "The Blancos"
12. Meta and the Cornerstones - "Yellow Cab" from "Ancient Power"
13. Mock Orange - "High Octane Punk Mode" from "Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse"
14. The Rival - "When I'm With You (Walking On Air)" from "Waves"
15. DragonForce - "Heart Of A Dragon (Remastered)" from "Killer Elite"

Click here to listen:



That's all for this week folks.