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Newsletter 10-31-16

Hi Everyone,

We're back!

Took a week off after all the work that went into Banding Together month.

More about how successful Banding Together month was in Lazlo's Corner below.


The next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe's is Saturday November 12th.

It features: Alana Q (6 To 8 Mathematics), Deena (The Cucumbers), and Renee Maskin (Lowlight)

Acoustic Opener: Bern & The Brights

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


The 2016 Banding Together Compilation is available for download!

Donate $10 (or more) to get 32 previously unreleased songs!

See the full track listing and donate to get the compilation:

Or donate at the Spondylitis Association Of America's website to get the compilation:

Check out our 'infomercial' for the compilation:


Latest Updates on

Song Of The Day (10/30/16): Cold Weather Company - "From Rest" (NJ)
PHOTOS - Banding Together: Frank & Bill, Peter Prasa, Catherine Wacha, Melissa Anthony @ Dragonfly Cafe 10/8/16
PHOTOS - Banding Together: Shotgun Bill, Bruce Tunkel, The Clydes, Newfoundman, Joe Pugsley, Pete Jager @ Middletown Public Library 10/8/16
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): Laree Cisco - "Woe is Me" (NJ)
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): Kirsten Maxwell - "I Couldn't Breathe"
MUSIC VIDEO: The Gripweeds - "Over And Over (Live In NYC)" (NJ)
RECOMMENDATION: Tri-State - "Summer Nun" (NJ)
Purchase Banding Together 2016 Compilation to benefit Spondylitis Association Of America
PLAYLIST: Banding Together 2016 Compilation 'Infomercial'


Lazlo's Corner

Thank you!

Who would have thought that ten years into doing Banding Together benefits for the Spondylitis Association Of America that we would break our donation record!

I can't thank all of you enough for coming out to the shows (some of you to multiple shows) and donating the cause.

Big thanks to everyone who played the shows, helped me put the shows together, the venues that allowed us to do benefits there, and the musicians who donated new songs to this year's compilation!

Incidentally, you can still download this year's compilation by making a donation to the Spondylitis Association Of America:

Now that Banding Together month is over I have a lot to catch up. Many e-mails that I didn't get to answer (sorry!), and many music updates to make to the site.

Stay tuned!



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. A Halo Called Fred - "Not My Circus Not My Monkey" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
2. Mondays - "Things" from "Mondays"
3. Tri-State - "Summer Nun" from "We Did What We Could Do"
4. J.T. Makoviecki - "Burn and Shine" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
5. The Mara - "Fall of The House of Usher" from "The Himalayas Waltz"
6. Sonofdov - "Let Me In" from "Let Me In"
7. Third Seed - "A Leap Of Faith" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
8. Low Income Housing - "Boneless" from "Low Income Housing"
9. Sally Draper - "Mental Vacationcy" from "I Can't Do This"
10. Possum In My Room - "Untitled (For A Friend)" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
11. Rich Soni - "Stick Like Glue" from "Safety Tapes, Vol. 3"
12. James Ra - "Are You FR?" from "The Goonies"
13. EdTang & The Chops - "Magic Tricks & Rolling Stone (original unreleased version)" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
14. The Bottom Most - "Grey" from "Vacant"
15. Prehistoric Forest - "Based on What" from "Rolling in Strange - EP"

Click here to listen:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Mondo Cozmo - "Shine" from "Shine"
2. Lindy Vopnfjord - "The Leaves of Autumn" from "Frozen In Autumn"
3. Kirsten Maxwell - "I Couldn't Breathe (Demo)" from "I Couldn't Breathe (Demo)"
4. Blue Rodeo - "Superstar" from "1000 Arms"
5. H P K N S - "LA Andy" from "LA Andy"
6. The Flaming Lips - "The Castle" from "Oczy Mlody"
7. Maradeen - "Like A River" from "Above the Horizon"
8. Eros and the Eschaton - "Helicopter" from "Weight of Matter"
9. Little Children - "(we used to feel) Higher" from "f.f"
10. Helmet - "Bad News" from "Dead To The World"
11. Antillectual - "Europe, This Is Your Final Countdown" from "Engage"
12. J Mascis - "Waltz #2" from "Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith"
13. matt pond PA - "The Glow" from "Winter Lives"
14. The New Respects - "Trouble" from "Trouble"
15. Tangerine Dream - "Stranger Things theme" from "Stranger Things theme"

Click here to listen:



That's all for this week folks.