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Newsletter 12-5-16

Hi Everyone,

The last Guitar Pull for 2016 is this Saturday (Dec. 10th) at Espresso Joe's

It also doubles as's Sweet Sixteen Bash (that's right, turns 16 a few days after this show)!

It features: Matt Scuteri, Shotgun Bill, and Son Of Dov

Acoustic Opener: Hat & Boots

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


The 2016 Banding Together Compilation is available for download!

Donate $10 (or more) to get 32 previously unreleased songs!

See the full track listing and donate to get the compilation:

Or donate at the Spondylitis Association Of America's website to get the compilation:


Latest Updates on

MUSIC VIDEO: Old Smile - "Mirror on a Blue Hill Pt. I" (NJ)
RECOMMENDATION: Accidental Seabirds - "Metedeconk" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (12/1/16): Teenage Fanclub - "December"
Song Of The Day (11/30/16): Hey Tiger - "Breathe" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (11/29/16): After The Burn - "Digital Ruse" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (11/26/16): Particle Zoo - "Edge Of Oblivion" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (11/25/16): Florence Henderson & the Muppets - "Happy Together"
Song Of The Day (11/24/16): Bunny West - "Run To The Hills"
MUSIC VIDEO: OK Go - "The One Moment"
Song Of The Day (11/23/16): Lisa Coppola - "I Can't Make Sense of Your Crazy" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (11/22/16): Well Wisher - "Rumours" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (11/21/16): Lost In Society - "Wrong Direction" (NJ)


Lazlo's Corner

I spent the last few weeks working on something that could have been awesome, a sort of Jukebox of New Jersey music.

Sadly, several attempts to make this work have ended in failure.

Many hours worth of work, with nothing tangible to show for it.

But I'm not giving up.

For now, I am tabling that idea (though if anyone has any thought on how I might be able to make it work, I am open to listening to them).

I am working on other smaller scale ideas to promote local music in other ways.

As of this month, I've been doing for 16 years. I've watched bands and venues come and go (and in some cases, come back again!)

I've seen good times and bad, both for, and for the local music scene.

I know I can't change the hearts and minds of people who are more interested in hearing what's popular, than the amazing local music happening in their own state.

But have I given up?

Fuck no!

Sometimes I think I believe in the quality of some local musicians' music more than they do.

And that's why, even 16 years into doing this, I don't rest on what I've done in the past, and I don't give up.

I keep searching to find new ways to promote good music...and I have some amazing things I'm working on for 2017!

For even failure helps spur on new ideas, and one of these new ideas I hope to start rolling out in next week's newsletter.

Stay Tuned!



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Accidental Seabirds - "Paint by Number" from "Metedeconk"
2. Alec James And The Sweet Release - "Two Types Of Glasses" from "Alec Hanslowe"

4. Old Smile - "Sleeping Dancing World" from "Sleeping Dancing World"
5. Mark Parker - "Sell Out" from "No Hit Wonder"
6. where is my spaceship - "thinkin bout my tombstone" from "thinkin bout my tombstone"
7. Deaf Skulls - "politicians" from "The Assholes of the World Shine Like Stars in the Sky"
8. Hello Whirled - "Komejirushi" from "Hello Dirtman"
9. Bearded Twin - "Hearsay (Demo)" from "Oh You Know"
10. Staten - "Withdraw" from "Withdraw"
11. tooafraid - "about society" from "what the past year taught me"
12. NoraTalbo - "Tongue Tied" from "Mile A Minute EP"
13. Roshambo - "Blockhead" from "Carpet Surfing Deluxe Edition"
14. Old City Revival - "surroundings" from "this is a beautiful painting."
15. Mungo's List - "Rango" from "Lunch Dinners Vol. I: Live on Meelday in the Morning (10.09.16)"

Click here to listen:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Bad Cop/Bad Cop - "Get Rad" from "Get Rad"
2. Letters to Cleo - "4 Leaf Clover" from "Back To Nebraska"
3. The Regrettes - "Hey Now" from "Hey Now"
4. Hootsie - "More Than That" from "More Than That"
5. Overlord - "Posthumous Honors" from "The Well-Tempered Overlord"
6. Port Juvee - "Crimewave" from "Crimewave"
7. Cuddle Magic - "Slow Rider" from "Ashes/Axis"
8. Jus Goodie feat. E.N Young - "Reggae Rock" from "Reggae Rock"
9. Nina Diaz - "Queen Beats King" from "The Beat Is Dead"
10. Hail Taxi - "Crystal Clear" from "Apart For So Long"
11. Belinda Esquer - "Silverlining" from "The Truth"
12. Amy Pate - "Meet Me In The Clouds" from "Ages"
13. Harvey Mandel - "Ode to B.B." from "Snake Pit"
14. The Limbos - "The Swag" from "Guitar Rebel: A Tribute To Link Wray"
15. The Kumari - "Abyss" from "Abyss"

Click here to listen:



That's all for this week folks.