return to home page to Host Third Annual National Foundation for Transplants Benefit March 2nd & 3rd

For the third straight year New Jersey-based internet radio station will will broadcast Giving a Second Chance: Benefit for National Foundation for Transplants. The benefit will air on March 2nd & 3rd, with musicians performing live on its station, raising funds for those in need of financial assistance upon facing a life-changing organ or tissue transplant.

This year's event is poised to garner even more funds and awareness for the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) with a stellar line up consisting of over 20 artists, many from New Jersey, who traverse a gambit of genres from easing listening to punk rock and everything in between.

The National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals who are in need of organ or tissue transplants through financial assistance, advocacy, and emotional support. NFT sets up local fund-raising campaigns in honor of patients enrolled with NFT.

"I am thrilled we are able to continue this annual benefit, and help raise money for such an important cause," says Lazlo, founder of "Working closely once again with Catherine Wacha, a transplant recipient and musician that has long been a part of, we are really excited about the line-up and collection of songs that make up this year's benefit. So, please listen, donate and download. This is a great way to help people in need while also hearing some amazing music."

On March 2nd & 3rd, artists will perform live from their own studios which will be broadcast via's internet station. You can listen to from anywhere on any internet connected device.

A special donation page will be set up on the National Foundation for Transplants website,, for people to donate during the webathon. Everyone who donates $10 or more will receive a download of a special compilation, containing over 20 previously unreleased songs.

"I am fortunate to be over 3 years out from my ordeal but even with that I can still clearly remember the stress of not only needing a kidney transplant but having no idea how I was going to afford my portion of the surgery, the aftercare as well as being out of work for an undetermined amount of time while I recovered. This is the reality for many more people than you can imagine and that's where the National Foundation for Transplants steps in," shares Catherine Wacha. "NFT provides a platform not only to help raise money to ease at least one of the stressors but also to raise awareness for a need that many may not realize exists. I am honored to be able to help them for a third year in a row and know that they appreciate every effort we make. The relief we are able to give to someone we don't even know to get a life saving treatment is an incredible gift to be able to give."

Artists scheduled to perform during this year's Giving a Second Chance: a Benefit for National Foundation for Transplants Webathon include: Aaron Pinto, Ben Morss, Bruce Donnola, By Torchlight, Catherine Wacha, Cosmokaze, erase:rewind, Ferocious Designs, Greg McGarvey, Hello Whirled, Jacob Chacko, Jason Didner, Keith Beck, Mark Parker, Mick Chorba, Shotgun Bill, Signal Valley, Stuart Benbow, The Antoine Poncelet Band, The Autophobes, The Mighty Alrighty, and Tony Tedesco

(artists performing are subject to change)

The digital compilation, which will be available by donating to the National Foundation for Transplants will include previously unreleased songs from: Bruce Donnola, Camino Sound, Carl Hall, Catherine Wacha, Chelsea Lee, Coolparadiso, Cosmokaze, Deena (with Paul Greveson), Dragondreams, Ferocious Designs, Frank Patrouch, Garry Kirby and Susan Heslin, Hello Whirled, Jason Didner, John Serrano, JPeck, Keith Beck, Mark Owen Nutto & The Unemployed Teachers, Mark Parker, Michael Aquino, Pat Absent, Shotgun Bill, Somebody Club, Stuart Benbow, The Antoine Poncelet Band, The Gattsville Creeper, The Mighty Alrighty, The Momentary, The Random Hubiak, Tony Appleseed, and Tony Tedesco

(artists on compilation are subject to change)

Full performance schedule and compilation track listing are below.

National Foundation for Transplants exists to save lives and remove barriers which delay or prevent transplantation. NFT is headquartered in Memphis, TN and serves all 50 states and U.S. Territories. You can find out more about them at is "Where NJ Rock Lives". For over 23 years they have been a website & Internet radio station supporting New Jersey's local, original music scene by playing predominantly unsigned New Jersey bands. For more information on Giving a Second Chance & go to

3rd Annual
Giving a Second Chance
a Benefit for National Foundation for Transplants

Performance Schedule

Saturday March 2nd

Sunday March 3rd
Compilation Track Listing

01. Michael Aquino - " Be Late. It's Hot. (or how to catch an international spy in one movement) "

02. Tony Appleseed - " Cataclsymic Plight "

03. The Mighty Alrighty - " Those Were The Days (Live) "

04. JPeck - " They Lied To Me "

05. Somebody Club - " New Thought Police "

06. The Momentary - " Missionary "

07. Keith Beck - " Always Dragin' Me Down "

08. Jason Didner - " Underwater Basket Weaving "

09. Dragondreams - " Can It Really Be This Way "

10. Deena (with Paul Greveson) - " Somehow "

11. Garry Kirby and Susan Heslin - " Hope "

12. Catherine Wacha - " Follow Me "

13. Pat Absent - " Starting Today "

14. Ferocious Designs - " Life's in the Balance (Pensive Version) "

15. Camino Sound - " Line Jumper "

16. The Gattsville Creeper - " Another Day "

17. Hello Whirled - " Winner (Demo) "

18. Mark Parker - " Disappear "

19. Coolparadiso - " Santa Rosa "

20. Frank Patrouch - " The Bob Dylan Song "

21. The Random Hubiak - " The Beginnings of Survival "

22. Cosmokaze - " Excerpt From 'Seville' "

23. Stuart Benbow - " Better Than Good "

24. Tony Tedesco - " Glow "

25. Shotgun Bill - " Another Bad Day [Demo] "

26. Bruce Donnola - " King of Angels "

27. Carl Hall - " Arterial "

28. Chelsea Lee - " Talking to the Wind "

29. John Serrano - " 2045 (National Foundation for Transplants mix) "

30. The Antoine Poncelet Band - " Live For The Night (Original Mix) "

31. Mark Owen Nutto & The Unemployed Teachers - " Love and Folk Song Suite "

32. Diego Allessandro - " Goodbye Love "