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Rock Against Hate Vol. 3 - Benefiting Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND)

Founded by Angelina Jolie and Microsoft, Kids In Need of Defense helps protect the basic human rights of
refugee and immigrant children in the United States, many of whom come to escape violence and persecution.

New Jersey Musicians Continue to “Rock Against Hate” With Third Music Compilation, Benefiting Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), musicians making a difference by raising funds for good causes through the online release of music compilations featuring songs from New Jersey artists and around the globe, will release its third compilation – Volume 3 - on May 11 to benefit Kids in Need of Defense (KIND).

The compilation will be available via Bandcamp for a donation of $10 or more. All proceeds for Volume 3 go to KIND. was established in 2017 in the wake of what was considered a divisive election with musicians coming together to release original exclusive songs to raise funds towards anti-hate efforts and equal rights. To date, thousands have been raised for organizations such as The Trevor Project and Planned Parenthood from the first two volumes.

"With the actions we have seen our current government take towards immigration, it seemed more pressing than ever to have Volume 3 benefit KIND, an organization that helps the most vulnerable of immigrants, children,” says Lazlo (founder of and curator of 'Rock Against Hate' Compilation). "I am proud that I am able to work with the music community to try to contribute towards helping others.”

Founded by Angelina Jolie and Microsoft, KIND helps protect the basic human rights of refugee and immigrant children in the United States, many of whom come to escape violence and persecution.

RockAgainstHate Volume 3 features original songs exclusive to this collection. The songs reflect a wide range of styles and subject matters that will appeal to many musical tastes.

Artists contributing songs to the compilation include: A Halo Called Fred, Amanda Rose Riley, Best Hit TV, Big Mother Gig, Carol Lester, Catherine Wacha, Charlotte Morris, Colie Brice, Creeping Hush, Deena & Kristian, Delsea Drive, Diego Allessandro, Dinosaur Eyelids, Dw. Dunphy, E.Joseph, Grey Goes Black, Hal Guitarist & Addy, Happy Joe, Holistic Medicine Project, J Thoubbs, Joe Billy, Keith Peters, Laree Cisco, Meeko Brando, Mike Ferraro, Motherface, Nerve Tonic, Petal Aggression, Puppyboy, Sonofdov, The Dirtee Blondes, The Fisherman & The Sea, The Last Martyr, The Mighty Alrighty, The Subterraneans, The Successful Failures, Val Emmich, Yellow Dog, and Ziggy Grover.

See full track listing below. Special thanks to Dw. Dunphy for designing the artwork for Volume 3.

In addition to the digital album being available for download on Saturday, May 11, there will be a benefit release show at Espresso Joe’s in Keyport. The show will run from 2pm until closing and feature acoustic performances from: Amanda Rose Riley, Carol Lester, Creeping Hush, Diego Allessandro, E.Joseph, Hal Guitarist, Keith Peters, Laree Cisco, Mike Ferraro, The Last Martyr and The Mighty Alrighty.

About KIND
Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) was founded by the Microsoft Corporation and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, and is the leading national organization that works to ensure that no refugee or immigrant child faces immigration court alone. We do this in partnership with over 600 law firms, corporate legal departments, law schools, and bar associations, which provide pro bono representation to unaccompanied children referred to KIND for assistance in their deportation proceedings. KIND has received more than 18,000 child referrals since we opened our doors in 2009, and trained over 40,000 pro bono attorneys. KIND also helps children who are returning to their home countries to do so safely and to reintegrate into their communities, and supports sexual and gender-based violence prevention programming in Central America.

Lazlo (curator of Rock Against Hate) created in 2000 as an internet radio station & website to promote New Jersey’s local original music scene. In more than 18 years, has raised money for many non-profit associations, most notably the Spondylitis Association Of America, with which they do an annual series of benefits dubbed, Banding Together. In 2017 he established to bring musicians together to raise funds for charities that work towards anti-hate efforts and equal rights.

Rock Against Hate Vol. 3 track listing:

1. Delsea Drive - Donnie
2. Carol Lester - Silence Louder Than Screams
3. Val Emmich - Chelsea
4. Petal Aggression - Falling Asleep on a Rocket Ship
5. The Dirtee Blondes - Brown [Version 1]
6. Joe Billy - F*** My Pride [demo version]
7. Hal Guitarist & Addy - Would You Tell Her (That I Love Her)
8. Puppyboy - Fire Walk With Me [Acoustic]
9. A Halo Called Fred - The Essence of Comedy
10. E.Joseph - Saved
11. Diego Allessandro - Spanish Eyes
12. Nerve Tonic - Rock and Roll Heart Attack [Dr. Void Mix]
13. Dinosaur Eyelids - Day Zero [Live at the Court Tavern]
14. The Last Martyr - On the Inside [acoustic version]
15. Dw. Dunphy - Fade-Away Days
16. Deena & Kristian - All That Matters
17. Charlotte Morris - Give Love a Try [Live @ Rockwood Music Hall]
18. The Successful Failures - Uncle Jimmy [piano version]
19. Colie Brice - An American Tale
20. The Fisherman & The Sea - The Hula Hoop Shakes
21. Amanda Rose Riley - The Only Disliked State
22. Motherface - Halfway House
23. Sonofdov - Warning Light [demo version]
24. Ziggy Grover - Skins [acoustic]
25. J Thoubbs - J Thoubb Re-Enters the Known Universe
26. The Subterraneans - Me & Mine
27. Holistic Medicine Project - Serotonin, Where Ya Goin'?
28. Creeping Hush - Genetic Garbage
29. Grey Goes Black - Can't Keep Me Here Tonight [Alternate Version]
30. Meeko Brando - Dark Night of the Soul
31. Mike Ferraro - Haven't Been on For Days
32. Laree Cisco - Talk Walk Feel
33. Best Hit TV - Lenses [single edit]
34. Happy Joe - Rise
35. Keith Peters - You're Not Pro-Life
36. The Mighty Alrighty - Don't You Move (In The Altogether)
37. Catherine Wacha - The Freer I Feel
38. Yellow Dog - Where We Are
39. Big Mother Gig - Last Call
40. Diego Allessandro - The Lost [Live]

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